Use of URL shortener is not a new concept and it would convert regular URL into the condensed format. While converting it you have to copy your full URL and paste on the URL website shortening tool and get it. During that time when you have big URL, then it would be difficult to type it, so make your work simple and effective.


The URL shortener works by redirecting the request and post your responses that you need. Normally when you enter URL address in the browser, then it would send HTTP command to web server through directing it to fetch and from and there it would transmit its requested web pages.


Many have a doubt why to make use of short URL but this type of URL had been used for the different reasons.

  • The short type of URL had been preferred to fix clean and short links.

  • You can keep on monitoring your effectiveness that too through clicking and tracking.

  • It would be easy for you to go beyond the number of clicks and this would help you to check out your track behaviors.

  • This helps for you to keep your shortened links and insights gathered in one place.

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