Do URL Shortening affect SEO?

The use of social media websites has been increasing rapidly across the world and there are billions of users for Twitter, Facebook and all other social networks. As these social media platforms are getting too popular now, most of the people start using the URL shorteners. They usually fall into two different categories such as using the shortened URL to post on the Twitter and also the URL which not exceeds 140 character limits. Another one is the url used by the social networks automatically every time a particular item is promoted outside such own systems.


With this thing, there is a bigger question that do these shortened url affect the seo of your service. But the answer is no and there are no any negative impacts on the seo when using the url shorteners according to the Google’s SEO voice and Matt Cutts. Even the url shortener is used, your seo for the business website will only give a proper functioning and also treats the conversion as the 301 redirect. There is another interesting factor tha the social media networks are generally having a special NoFollow tag in the links they provide. It is most probably the standard practice and also to stop abuse where a link from the Twitter or Facebook counts towards the page rank of the website for instance and also artificially increases its authority.


With respect to this NoFollow tag on the social networks, the search engines will not pass value through the links on the page url shorteners that will short circuit this process for the shortened links. These shortened links are followed back by the popular search engines like Google and some of their value will be followed along them. There is another important news that everyone has to know that even Google have their own URL shortener for the Firefox and Chrome. So, there is no negative impact on the SEO of the website when the social media networks are using the url shorteners. There will be no problem or risks involved with your SEO if using the URL shorteners.

Published on: 9/20/18, 8:03 AM